"Trust I seek and I find in you
Every day for us something new
Open mind for a different view
And nothing else matters" Metallica

Diane Fleisch Hughes is an artist and practicing Art Therapist/LPC. Her artwork is a form of self care, processing experiences, experimenting with materials and media. Her subject is the human form and the various transitions one makes while journeying through this life.

Diane currently lives and works just outside Cleveland Ohio.

   During COVID-19, I have found myself navigating challenging changes to my therapy work. Like everyone else out there dealing with change, fear, and isolation, I have had to change how I meet my clients, whom I now see remotely, using telehealth. It is different but doable, for myself and for most of my clients. Of course, new feelings of isolation, financial concerns, fear for self and loved ones are now the new concern.

   I am creating "response art" which is artwork created by art therapists in response to material that arises in their therapy work. Art therapists use response art to contain difficult material, express and examine their own experiences, and share their experiences with others. I have found that mixed media collage is immediate and intuitive which for me, best describes how I am going forward with 2020. 

Located in Cleveland, Ohio



Cluttered Mind

2020 - mixed media collage on paper 10" x 7"